Which book next?

My idea of hell has two parts. One is to be somewhere without a pen and paper. It seldom happens, but I still have nightmares about how I’ll capture that phrase, that idea. The other is to be somewhere, even at home, with no book to read. My bedside table always includes a tower of books. I’m not sure it’s ever been empty. There are old books that I always wanted to read, books I want to reread and then new books. There are also often books that one of my sons has recommended. I used to finish every book I started, even if it was a struggle. Not any more. There are just too many books to read. Although there are exceptions. I did persevere with ‘Life of Pi’ by Yann Martel, although finding the beginning chapters very dense and less than riveting. They were interesting, but I really couldn’t work out where they were heading. I’m glad I did keep going though. The ending stayed with me for a long time.
I love the library. I read too much to be able to support my habit without these wonderful places. I do buy books too, particularly Australian children’s books. I’m a big fan of fiction mostly, although I’m growing to enjoy non fiction more and more. Non fiction is seldom bedtime reading for me though.
I love that I can call reading work. Whether it’s keeping up with what’s being published, reading to review or for research, reading is a wonderful thing.