Seven or eight things about Claire Saxby

Well, the blog tour is over. It was a great way to learn more about Jacqui and ‘Squeezy Cuddle Dangly Legs’, but also about the other bloggers. Though there were some similar questions, most were quite different. Good fun too.

I’ve been tagged by Sally from her Scribblings blog. I’m to list 7 random facts about me. I can do that.

1. I don’t like being called Clarence but don’t mind Clarabelle or Claire-bear.

2. I hated my middle name for most of my primary years, but now like it for exactly the same reasons – it’s unusual here in Australia. It’s Malise, pronounced ma-leece.

3. I reckon the coral reefs off eastern Bougainville Island are among the best in the world…and more accessible. Well, accessible from the beach once you’ve found a way to get to this amazing island north of the Solomon Islands.

4. My parents left home when I was at uni, leaving me and my brothers in the family home.

5. My hardest job was working in a hospital laundry in the height of summer, around hot machines, standing all day.

6. I had a teddy bear until I was 10. It was so worn that my grandmother sewed a suit to the bear to keep his arms from falling off again. I only stopped having my teddy bear when I gave it to our new puppy because he was crying and lonely. He reduced it to ribbons and fluff in one night.

7. My dad once made us a cubby house from an enormous wooden crate that had held a piece of equipment for his work. He cut doors and a window, and Mum made curtains and we’d have tea parties in there.

Okay, there’s seven things. But there’s an eighth.

8. I almost never pass on multi-send things. If anyone wants to do this and link back, that’s great. But only if you want to.