I had a memorable booksigning about 12 months ago where not a single copy of the book I was there for was sold. Now there’s a challenging thing…how do you sit for two hours where your only two conversations are with a well-known non-book-buying chatterbox local and someone who tells you you’re folding your paper boats wrongly without feeling totally demoralised? (I was making the boats as a way to attract some…any…attention)

Judith Rossell and I were at Mockingbird Bookshop in Mont Albert yesterday for a booksigning for ‘ A Nest for Kora’. Judith illustrated ‘A Nest for Kora’. The bookshop also had copies of some of Jude’s puzzle books and my ‘Ebi’s Boat’.

Jude had brought offcuts of the paper she paints on and was drawing/painting wonderful little animals for children (and a couple of adults) on bookmarks. It’s not quite as easy for a writer to provide something to go home with, but I tried. I wrote some silly limericks based on children’s names and then made some paper boats. We sold some books and had a lovely time. Evelyn Snow, owner of Mockingbird Bookshop and her staff, looked after us royally.

It was memorable…this time in a good way.