I wish someone had told me that!

Here’re some answers to the questions you wished you’d known to ask…

Compiled by Jon Bard and with contributors from US, Canada, Australia and more, this new e-book features a collection of 64 children’s authors’ responses to five questions, including ‘The best advice I was ever given…’ and ‘I really need to tell you this…’.

When I first started writing, not only did I not know anything – I didn’t even know what I didn’t know – so I didn’t know what questions to ask. Confused? Writing can be like that.

What this e-book does is ask the questions…64 times. Authors from around the world have answered in a variety of styles, sharing knowledge and wisdom. Some responses are brief, some are less so. Some are philosophical, others more technical. What they all share is the voice of experience. There’s practical advice, humour and honesty. In fact, there’s something for everyone, no matter how they work, or where they are in their writing career. At the very least, this is an entertaining read and an insight into the minds of some well-known authors. At best, it will inspire and help you avoid potholes on the road to writing success.

For a peek at what this e-book has to offer visit http://write4kids.com/wishbook.html