Echoeseyelets building

I found this building when I was walking around some inner suburban sidestreets. I walked past it several times and was stopped each time by the notion of confidence and permanence that the sign evoked. It wouldn’t happen today where businesses come and go and name change often. The designers/builders/occupants were sure enough of their business to set the name into the building. Of course this building is no longer home to makers of eyelets, it’s a dance studio. But it took me back to a time when a company could make just a single item and make a living.

When I was taking the photos, I was stopped by a woman driving past. She asked me what I was taking the photo of and why. When I told her, she said that she also thought about the sign all the time, but had never got around to doing anything more. I kept taking photos and she drove off, only to reappear at the door of the building…where she worked.

eyelets building sign