What’s in a name?

What makes someone pick up a new book in a bookshop? Why that one? Is it the colour of the cover or the size or where it’s sitting on the shelf? Is it the title?

I like titles. I’ve just read and reviewed ‘What Willow Knew’ by June Colbert. For me, that’s a title! It immediately had me wondering what it was that Willow knew, and why it mattered.

I wonder when in the book-creation process this title came – whether it was the title that generated the story or whether the title was a afterwards thing. Was it agonising to find this fitting title or a natural thing that birthed easily?

Willow is not the main character in this mystery, but she colours all that happens. I enjoyed the story, finding it difficult to put down.

For me, sometimes the title come first, sometimes in the middle of writing and sometimes not until after the story is well-finished. If they work as well as this one does, then that’s a fine thing.

note: my review of ‘What Willow Knew’ will appear soon here