A review: Tibbidy – A new Australian magazine for 3-7 year oldstibbidy book cover

Tibbidy is a glossy 32 page magazine for young children. It includes stories, puzzles and lots of other activities. In this first, beach-themed, edition there are four stories, two by Jackie Hosking, one by Janette Brazel and the fourth by George Ivanoff. . Two are in verse, one is set in a graphic format (we used to call them comics), and the fourth is in a more traditional narrative format. Illustrations for stories and activities are by various illustrators (in a variety of styles) but all are bright and colourful. Activities suggested can be completed with items found in or around most homes. Tibbidy contains no advertising. It also links to a website where there are sample story pages and activities.

Tibbidy is a lovely looking magazine. It feels good to hold. The magazine is of sturdy paper and a size perfect for being read alone or for sharing with a older reader. From the bright-coloured ‘pick-me-up’ cover to the build-your-own rock pool activity inside the back cover, producer Kirsty Gautheron has put together a wonderful package. The stories are engaging, the illustrations full of extra tit-bits for the reader (or pre-reader) to find. There is a wide range of imaginative activities with something to appeal to every taste. The magazine is to be produced quarterly and is available from selected retailers (although I couldn’t find details of these), or online at www.tibbidy.com.au (order the print edition or download the printable edition).

Tibbidy produced by Kirsty Gautheron 2008 ISBN: 9771835001005 www.tibbidy.com.au

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