Clearing out the shed

We have a big shed. Big. It’s even got a big loft, for the storing of more treasures. Give it time, though, and the biggests of sheds seem to fill. As did ours. We spent the long weekend clearing it out and booking a hard rubbish collection. Yes, we did it in that order…sometimes you gotta seize the moment and do the paperwork later. We managed to empty and tidy and reorder without drawing blood. Close, but no blood.

It was a journey of discovery. Benches gave up their secret stashes, piles revealed lost treasures. The homemade go cart was uncovered, batteries stolen from the broken electric scooter and trips around the block made. The table tennis table had an outing, although as this used virtually all the regained space, it soon returned to its now more accessible spot. But the point is, once gained, the space has been in almost constant use. In the months (did I say years?) preceding, the shed, with its tools, raw materials etc had been used less and less until even the bikes struggled to find a place to sit.

Sometimes my brain gets a bit like that. Too many ideas, too much information, everything jostling for space, and none of it seems to be accessible or useful for anything. Take some time out, even a short time, and suddenly so much becomes clear. For me, swimming mindless laps with goggles and earplugs, or walking a familar route will provide the time to clear the clutter, file the keepers and work out just what the heck I’m doing.

Now if only I could find the words for what the doohickey needs for it to be fixed to the whatchamacallit…I’d be sorted.