CBCA Book Awards Short List Announcements

Today saw the announcement of the long, and then 4 hours later, the short list for the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book Awards. Nervous times, when you know your book has been entered. Disappointment, no matter how you’d steeled yourself, when your book is not there.

It’s a big job, judging these awards. Judges from each state read hundreds of books before meeting to agree on the long and short lists, and the winners. It’s always interesting to see the lists (especially so if there’s a chance your book will be on it) to see what, in the view of the judges, is the cream of the year’s crop.

What’s also guaranteed is that not everyone will agree on the books chosen. Books I would have sworn would be on the short list, aren’t. And other books I’d been lukewarm about, are there. But also on the list are books I loved. I guess that’s why there are so many books around. Different readers will love different books. No surprises there.

Congratulations to all the listees. For those whose books are on the short list, may the wait until August seem short. For those whose books aren’t, it’s time to get back to work.

Note: check here for details of the Notable and Short Lists