as we grow, I grow

Our family and three other families have been meeting annually as a group since 1986. Sometimes we see some of the others during the year, but the reunion is when we are all in the one place at the same time. Across the years we’ve outgrown hotel/motel type accommodation and moved to school camps and shearers quarters. We’ve stayed in heritage buildings and old nissan huts. A few years ago I recorded some details of our weekends, but lost the documents somewhere. Recently I’ve started again, cued by a spreadsheet prepared by one of the families. Fascinating when gathering the material what one remembers and another has absolutely no recall of. Collectively, we should be able to flesh out the facts with anecdotes.

This new document, wholly in sketchy note form now goes to each reunion for additions and corrections. I keep looking at it, itching to turn it into something else. It has the makings of a novel I reckon, but would also be wonderful just as a record (including photos) of our weekends, tracking births, deaths and marriages. Yes we’ve had them all.

I love being a children’s writer and don’t see writing for children as ‘practice’ for writing for adults. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do both.