Reading Books at Kinder

I’ve just spent a lovely, noisy hour at kinder reading books. It’s the kinder where all our children attended…it’s even the same teacher. My children, one now adult, the other two teenagers will no longer sit and let me read picture books to them. No surprise there.

With all the talk about literacy I thought it was time I contributed. I love talking in schools, but that isn’t something that happens regularly enough and reading is often a minor part of a presentation/workshop. I wanted to just read. I took a pile of books from my own library and interspersed them with books from the library corner offerings.

I’d planned to be there for half an hour, but it was an hour. Kids came in and out, chose their favourites, chose new ones from my pile. They read along to Carle’s ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and went off into block corner to make a boat after I’d read my story ‘Ebi’s Boat’. They counted the butterflies in Sue Whiting’s ‘Taming Butterflies’ and were riveted by Michael Rosen’s ‘There’s a Bear in a Cave’.

It was great fun. I plan to make it a regular thing.