Always a good day to go to the zoo

A friend of mine is currently in Adelaide on a writing fellowship. When I was there last year, one of the things I did – twice – was go to the zoo. I had a wonderful volunteer guide and enjoyed the experience immensely…almost as much as when I was one of the parent helpers on a grade 6 excursion to the zoo on a wonderfully warm and rainy day about 8 years ago. (Seriously, once I got over the idea that they’d all have wet shoes, it was sooo much fun…wanna jump in the puddles? go for it!) As it happens, that was the last time I was at Melbourne Zoo. I don’t need to replicate the experience, that seldom works. But I do want to see what’s changed, what’s the same.

My parents took my niece and nephew to the zoo on Friday, and if I’d known I’d have tagged along. But I didn’t, so I couldn’t. But today is beautiful, calm and sunny although still cool, and I’m off to the zoo. Yee-hah!