A good weekbutterfly and leaves on tree fern

I don’t know whether it is that the moon is in the right part of the sky or just one of those things, but this week has been a good one. Not crack-the-champagne-I’ve-sold-a-mega-series-for-millions good, but more quietly so.

It’s not even that everything has gone right – I forgot to take the folio on the train when that was the purpose of the trip. But I’ve managed to upload all the info I need to take to the taxman. I earned no less than last year. I’ve reworked three manuscripts and feel good about them all. I even managed to write a reasonably articulate and (hopefully) persuasive letter to a lawyer about THAT parking fine. I’ve read some wonderfully diverse ms from some writing colleagues.

I’ve even had some possible maybe perhaps ideas about a new project.

Roll on.