Illustrations are in the early stages for my next picture book, Sheep, Goat and the Creaking Gate. I’m starting to plan how I’ll share this book with school groups. I’ve developed a few strategies, one of which involves using stuffed toys as props. (not sure whether or not to make a creaking gate!)

Easy. Not. Easy to find sheep in all sorts of sizes and shapes, from cartoony to realistic. But goats? Not so easy. There are a couple around, but they’re quite big and the sheep I have is only about 15-20 cm tall/long. The poor old goat just doesn’t seem as popular in the stuffed toy department. Hmm. Not sure whether to try and make one, or to resort to just a picture of one. Would be quite nice to have a 3D version… Will think some more.

I was at a lunch today with writers and illustrators and we were talking about school presentations. They all agreed it would be good to see how other people present, partly to learn about their work, but also to inform their own presentations. While no one was planning to steal anyone’s killer opening, we were keen to see how other presenters engaged their audience right at the opening. There must be a way to do it.