Spring Cleaning the inbox foldersspring roses

Anyone who knows me well will attest that my name and ‘spring cleaning’ are seldom linked in a sentence, unless it’s by something like ‘anathema’ or ‘what’s that?’. But in fact I have been spring cleaning this week.

My computer threw a hissy fit early in the week and refused to start. First aid measures failed and I high-tailed it to the computer shop, where some of the first aid was pronounced to have made things potentially worse. Computer man did some tests and pronounced the computer comatose rather than dead and sent me home with advice on how to avoid similar unwellnesses. Days later, computer data backed up and almost everything reloaded, I decided it was time to clean out the email. No one’s email folder should be THAT big.

Slowly and not quite surely, I’m culling the inbox folders. Some stuff has to stay but quite alot of it doesn’t. Already it’s leaner and quicker and it encourages me to continue. Next stop, some of those old ideas that just never developed…

And as for the other sort of spring cleaning, yes the house does need it, especially given the impending 21st happening here in less than a week. So what am I doing here? Doing what writers seem to be so good at. Procrastinating, of course.