Goat joins sheepgoat soft toy

A little while ago I posted that I’d found a toy sheep that I’ll use when sharing my next picture book (Sheep, Goat and the Creaking Gate) with children. I also said that I’d struggled to find a goat toy. A friend read the entry and sent me some suggestions recently. The one she’d found was too small but it reignited my search and I found my goat! Thanks Sally, thanks RSPCA who stocked it as a dog toy. Emmi, our dog, loves stuffed toys and our back yard is strewn with the bits of the current favourite. When the goat arrived in the post, she was very excited and even more disappointed when the goat joined the sheep on top of my bookshelf.dog lying on floor

I’ve seen Judith’s roughs and they’re great. Can’t wait to see the finished artwork and the proofs. At this stage the publication date for Sheep, Goat is July 2009.

Now to research the differences between sheep and goats. And the similarities.