My son works in a Williamstown creperie, Breizoz, most Sundays. Although he’s worked there for a while, I’d not quite managed to have him make me a coffee, although the offer has been there. So today, after a break in the (glorious) rain, I determined that today would be the day.

I dropped him off this morning and took Emmi for a walk along the foreshore. There is a picture I’ve been framing in my mind for some time, and I was determined to try to photograph it today. I did, but I’m not sure I’ve got it yet. I’ll keep trying. There’s something about the colours of the boat against the sea/city/sky at dusk which is amazing. The first three photos are a bit dull, the last is I think still too early for the best light.

This is a busy part of Williamstown at the best of times, and more so each weekend. But I’d reckoned without the motor bike ride that happens each year, bringing toys for children. They come from all directions, and end at the Commonwealth Reserve in the heart of Williamstown’s foreshore cafe precinct. Bikes were dribbling past as we walked away from Willy, but the largest, police-escorted contingent approached as Emmi and I turned back towards that promised coffee. It was quite a sight…bike after bike after bike. Scooters mixed with big thumping Harleys, and there was everything in between. Most carried toys, many were decorated with tinsel and Santa hats.

When we arrived back at Breizoz and sat outside waiting for coffee to arrive, the streets were alive. Breakfasting locals were joined by all manner of leather and wet-weather-geared bikers of all ages. The youngest were pre-teen. The oldest included a gent with a large handlebar moustache called ‘Pa’. They roamed the street in search of brunch.

Meanwhile, beneath my seat, Emmi made friends with first a terrier pup, then a pair of pugs. She was unmoved by the bikes or bikers, happy just to be out.

And the coffee was great.