The choir (Newport Community Choir…new members welcome) I joined about six weeks ago had it’s first public performance this morning. Some of the group had performed to a group of their peers in November, but for many of us, this was a first public appearance.

We were on stage at the local hall as traders plied their wares on the hall proper. We were introduced and performed seven songs in Latin, French, Macedonian and Southern Gospel english! A wide repertoire. Some were straight songs, other in parts or rounds.

Having a conductor to focus on is a great thing, it helps to ‘not see’ the audience and their responses. Different to presenting in a school where its just me solo up the front, performing to a group of children and adult/s.

Now to head into town to meet two cyclists at the near end of their journey from Adelaide to Melbourne on two wheels. They offered for us to join them from city to Newport, but although I received a bike at Christmas, I’m not sure I’m ready for any trip longer than the local shops.

One new challenge at a time.