I ran out of time the other day to really finish writing about RM conference, so here we are again.

After the sessions on Friday there was a reception, peopled by delegates and speakers but also by many other Vic creators. It was quite difficult to move really…not because of crowding but because everytime I tried, I’d start another conversation or waylay/be waylaid by other people. Fantastic fun, gorgeous food. Some good potential connections too. The exhibition ‘Independent Type books and writing in Victoria’ was also opened, but I determined to go back to that another day.

Back to the program…

Cathy Casssidy, Mo Johnson and Chris Wheat talked about romance in their stories, including the appropriate levels of romance for diff age-groups. More books for the wishlist ( CC Angel Cake, MJ Boofheads, CW Screw Loose)

Another session was titled ‘Where I’m coming from’ and the writers were the blue-haired Anthony Eaton, Mal Peet, James Roy and Randa Abdel-Fattah. Each talked about their background and entry into particular stories. About now, I stopped taking notes really because I just wanted to listen.

So I’m really sorry about the sessions I’ve missed recording, but the content was inspiring. It was great to spend time with known faces, and to meet new ones. My final job is to empty my bag of all the business cards (okay and that serviette) and sort them.