…full as it is…

I had another ‘twilight zone’ moment on the weekend. I was at the 21st birthday celebration of the daughter of a uni friend of mine and seated opposite the parents of the birthday girl’s boyfriend (still with me?). We discovered that not only had we attended the same school, it was in the same year, although not the same class. Given that I’d left the school in mid Yr 9 (oh, okay it was called Form 3 then) I’d forgotten much more than I remembered.

But we both remembered several teachers…Mrs R who started every class at boiling point and exploded every time. Mrs G who had more suppressed (and sometimes not suppressed) anger than I have ever encountered since. Sr A who was memorably fearsome and Sr H, one of life’s angels.

There were students too. As I was a boarder and she a day student, our paths may well not have crossed a lot, but we managed to remember a few.