Tuesday Book Club begins

Yesterday marked the inaugural meeting of the First Tuesday Children’s Book Club. We 18 gathered in Mother Superior’s Chambers at the wonderful Abbotsford Convent. The book club is for anyone interested in children’s literature in its myriad forms. Yesterday we looked at ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. We talked about the three incarnations: the original picture book (published 1963); the movie (2009) and the novelisation (also 2009 and called ‘The Wild Things’). Discussion ranged broadly from the intended target audience, initial reactions to each ‘version’ and much more. We also began drawing a list of books to be discussed at upcoming meetings. Some are very recent, others much older. One book suggested was released in the 1930’s and will probably be too difficult to source.

I’m really looking forward to the next meeting.

Today was a meeting of a different sort. Some years ago I joined an online children’s writers networking group (kwd). We are spread across the country and seldom have a chance to meet. But today 7 of us met in Melbourne for a morning tea that stretched into lunch. The only trick was making sure we collected the right people from under the clocks at Flinders Street Station. (To the lady with the shell necklace, we hope you found whoever it was you were supposed to be meeting, and we apologise for thinking you might want to come with us!)

tuesday book club six women participants

Alison, Bren, Kay, Dee, Kim and Ali.

We had a lovely time, and I doubt that anyone watching would have imagined that we didn’t all know each other very well. The internet comes in for its share of criticism as an anti social entity, but it is not always so. It was great to be able to match voices and faces to the online words.

I also had a chance to go into the most amazing cake decoration shop in one of Melbourne’s laneways. I found some more cookie cutters and other bits and bobs for the launch of ‘There Was an Old Sailor’ on 27 Feb.

I came home to an email that may launch Old Sailor into a new form…more news on that if it evolves.