On Thursday I went on a mini book tour with Natasha, co-owner of Book Bonding, an independent bookshop in Niddrie. We visited three schools and I did four 30 minute sessions with grade twos.

Group sizes varied from about 20 children in the first classroom, to 80 in the final one. They loved ‘There Was an Old Sailor’ and joined in as my helper fed various sea animals to my bollard sailor.

Then we made paper boats and sang ocean songs as we set those boats a-sailing the wavy blue sea.

Friday I joined Mark Wilson, Corinne Fenton and Diana Lawrenson at Buxton for a Literature Festival for children from Buxton, Thornton, Taggerty and Flowerdale. We each set up in a classroom and the groups of children rotated to visit us for stories and activities. Afterwards we shared lunch and were presented with produce from each of the school regions.

At 4 pm, this Friday, I’m doing a book reading at Books and Paper, an independent bookshop in Williamstown to celebrate their first birthday.