Note to self: Plans are not always the best way to proceed. My plans to prepare for my May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust Fellowship were upset by a tiny virus which sent me to bed for a few days. Those were the same days that I’d planned to stock up the pantry and fridge, clean and also put together all the resources for Adelaide. So four days were telescoped into one and really, apart from the cleaning bit I managed to get most things done.

My dad offered to drive over with me which made the journey much more enjoyable and also ensured that we did it in the single day. It was a lovely overcast but not raining day and there were not many trucks on the road. Even the police-escorted pair of trucks with their load of wind turbine blades (those blades are SO big) went past us while we had a break then just as we caught up with them pulled off the road.

We stopped in Nhill for lunch. Having a major highway as your main street must have it’s challenges but Nhill seems to have it sorted. There’s an enormous ‘traffic island’ in the middle, big enough for parking and playing and tourist informationing. We parked outside a building that seemed to have most recently have been a supermarket although it’s now empty. The leadlighting in the front window suggests a wealthy past.

This building seems to be just a facade, like a film set building, but was in fact real, although the room at the right end must be a little slim.

Even getting to the apartment was easy, despite me having packed the GPS somewhere very safe. Safely installed in the apartment (thanks Nan) we walked up to The Parade for dinner.

Next morning Dad and I went for a walk through the East Terrace gardens. We took the back streets to check out the houses. One particularly caught my eye, with it’s little turret or castellation which seemed to serve no purpose at all…or even to fit with the rest of the house.

Dad’s flown home now and it’s time to work. But there is time for play too. Tonight I’ve been invited to the Max Fatchen 90th birthday reception at Adelaide Town Hall.