Yesterday I wrote furiously all morning then caught a bus into town for my appointment at the Migration Museum. Yes, I checked the bus timetable. Yes, I know it only takes minutes to get into town from here. Yes, I know I allowed extra time in case things took longer than planned.
But for once, I’d taken something to do when I arrived somewhere indecently early. I had my laptop and sat in the wonderful Adelaide State Library and wrote some more.

The Migration Museum was very generous in allowing me access to some material that supported one of their exhibitions. It was like being a kid in a lolly shop, I didn’t know what to look at first. But I spent a very speedy two hours in there gathering information. Fantabulous!

I came out and took some photos of some wonderful buildings that are part of or near to the Migration Museum. They include police barracks, the Destitute Asylum and Girls’ Reformatory. Beautiful buildings. Sad stories.

I particularly liked the different textures…and this sign. which lets people know where they can acquire their disaster.

I found my way to the bus stop having carefully checked where to get on. All fine except on the way home I passed several, SEVERAL, bus stops that were closer to where I was! Ah well, I did get to walk through the gorgeous Adelaide Arcade.

Then it was off to the SCBWI at the Box Factory. This is a new chapter for SA and they are still exploring the shape they will be. Lovely to be a guest there and to talk about books. Thanks to SCBWI SA for inviting me, collecting me and delivering me home. Great fun.

Waves to Kathy, Graeme, Claire, Katherine and Marianne and Katrina (who wasn’t there at time of photo-taking).