Someone was telling me recently about string theory and relativity and all sorts of things and I was struggling with the concepts. We were in a car going somewhere and they said it was like when you are overtaking a car. You catch up with them slowly and the closer you get the faster you seem to catch up. Then almost suddenly you are level and then past them. Your speed is constant, so is theirs but it feels relatively faster as you get closer. I think that was it. It made sense to me.

And that’s how it feels now I’m in my last week at the Burrow on my May Gibbs Fellowship. The first two weeks were gently paced although I was pleased with the work I achieved. Then the third week seemed to go faster than the first two. And as for this last week…well it’s fair racing.

Here are some pics from the last little while…

Seen in a Glenelg street…

My friend Cath flew in from Newcastle for the weekend and we had coffee and baked cheesecake for morning tea in Hahndorf.

This was the ceiling in the cafe where we had morning tea.

Jo Vabolis, Nan Halliday and me at the CBCA dinner on Friday night.

Talking about the speed of a sneeze.

Table decorations (and emergency supplies) at CBCA dinner.

Two of the Spicks and Specks-type after dinner activities. (which ahem our table won)

Saturday afternoon and the olive grove on East Terrace

These trees should be able to talk. They look like mini cities each one.

These parrots were delicately eating the flesh of the fallen olives.

Here are some they missed.

It was hard to believe this creek was dry, it’s been raining so much here. But the weekend was glorious.

Botanic Gardens Sunday morning

um cacti…

I think this is a native fuschia…the markings are like the distribution of blood vessels…can you tell I’ve just done a book about the human body???

Peace and stillness in the water lily pond. Hard to believe these unfurl from the prickly bud below.