CYA Conference in Brisbane. We arrived early and took a look at the book shop. Lovely to see Old Sailor posters smiling at me!

Tina and Ally, organisers extraordinaire

Dee, receiving her first prize certificate for published writer section of the CYA competition.

Sheryl Gwyther, talking about how CYA has helped her.

Sheryl and Dee

Karen Collum, Dee White, Kat Apel, moi

Kat and Karen

Dee and moi

Demonstrating a ‘fact’ that didn’t make it into my forthcoming Freaky Fact or Fiction Human Body book.

Dee, demonstrating the importance of communicating clearly.

Is this young gent a hero or a villain?

What about this young lass? Hmm, attend Dee’s next Heros and Villains workshop to find out.

Kat, limbering up for her poetry workshop.

Demonstrating a pun. Lion dancing, you see…

Meredith Costain launching Paul Collins new picture book ‘The Glasshouse’.

Jo Thompson, illustrator of ‘The Glass House’

Paul Collins acknowledging the support offered by Meredith (just off screen)!

Sheryl, launching ‘Charlie and the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’

Kat Apel and Karen Collum

Angela Sunde, who launched her Aussie Chomp, ‘Pond Magic’ at the conference too.

Gabi Wang, demonstrating how it’s done!

Gabi and Kat