Just back from 5 lovely days at Bright. Weather was variable but always mild, no matter the rain.

View from a winery.

This is a sluice handcut into the rock bank of the Ovens River in Bright. Hand cut! It’s about 2 m deep and who knows how long. The sluice allowed goldminers to clean rocks and mud away from any potential gold find.

View from Mt Buffalo toward Mt Bogong and beyond. We did see one huge Bogong moth.

From the Gorge on Mt Buffalo.

The Chalet. It’s been empty since the last tenants left in 2007 but you’d not know it by this gorgeous garden. A gardener of the former tenant was asked by Parks Vic to stay on until a tenant could be found…and he’s still there.

The Chalet from the Gorge.

This bridge, at Wandiligong was under repair. Must have been the last rains. Oh wait, read the sign…

This Chinese bridge is a memorial to the local Chinese miners who lived here during the gold rush. It was an unusual sight to appear in the middle of the bush. But a lovely memorial.

Could that be the view from another winery? Possibly.

Ladies bath falls, part of Eurobin Falls at the base of Mt Buffalo

Bikes! Bikes! Bikes! Enough for everyone