I never know where ideas are going to come from. They arrive at opportune and inopportune times. I’ve learnt to relax and just be ready to harvest them when they do appear.

It’s a bit the same with photos. It’s hard to know where the photo opportunities will be, until they happen. While in North Queensland last weekend we went to see the Burdekin River in almost flood.

It’s not been this full for a while. Last time I saw it, there the whole expanse from the bridge was sand, with a couple of little trickles meandering their way seaward.

It’s harvest time and the cane is rolling in to the mills via cane trains.

‘Mind the spiders’ was the only advice we were given as we set out to make our way along the narrow walkway set lower than the bridge. Not ‘It’s a narrow bridge and the cars might dislocate your shoulder’, or ‘the bridge wobbles A LOT’. Both would have been relevant.

The spider warning was a good one though. There are sooo many spiders and webs there. With the wind and the wobbling, it must be tough to work out when anything lands in the web, but apparently it’s worth it. Cane beetles abound (afly) at this time of year and we saw many a spider feasting.