I took my camera today, but really it wasn’t appropriate for me to take photos in either of the workshops I attended.

The first workshop with Sharon Lapkin was about editing and included an insight into the construction of a new edition of a classic Australian cooking teaching text. It’s going to have a trade edition this time as well as a schools one, and is looking gorgeous. We then talked about styles, evolving language and why it’s not sensible to be too attached to any grammar rule, because the rules change.

The second session, after lunch, was Lisa Lang about turning fact into fiction. The session included two writing exercises and discussion about fact vs truth, particularly emotional truth. Lisa said that sometimes the research into a real person or event can hamstring a writer, and that it can be better to research, put research away, then write close.

As for my camera, I took pictures of the newly renovated (well, the parts that are finished) Williamstown Town Hall. It’s looking mighty fine!

Also, collected some autumn leaves. One, the one with the darker edge, I found in the morning and put in the car to photograph later. Unfortunately (for the leaf) the car was warm and by the time I came back in the afternoon, the leaf was no longer soft and rich red and pliable, but crisp and somewhat browner. No mind, it’s still pretty.