Today, when I was running late to catch a train to Storytime at the State Library, a butterfly caught my eye. It was in the park near my house, sitting on the grass. It allowed me to pick it up and I took it home. Our dog, usually keen to eat whatever I might have in hand, seemed to understand that the butterfly needed to be left alone.

The markings were striking and I have no recollection of ever seeing one quite like it. It sat on my hand while I unlocked the house, unharnessed the dog, collected my camera and went outside again. Indeed, it didn’t seem at all keen to leave my hand!

The up side (what do you call the top part of their wings?) was just like the under side, except that it had no red or yellow. Almost as if waiting for the painter to return and finish the flipside.

I have no idea what sort of butterfly it is. Anyone help me out?

Oh, I did make my train, just.