Today I went to Point Cook for National Simultaneous Storytime to – you guessed it – simultaneously read a story! The story was ‘Feathers for Phoebe’ by Rod Clement. It’s a lovely story, very OTT in some ways, but fabulous (or should that be fabulous, fabulous, fabulous Darling?). The same book was being read all over the country in libraries and classrooms.

I just happened to have a fabulous feather mask that doubled as a crest (doesn’t everyone have one at home?) Storytime at Point Cook’s 2 year-old library is apparently always an energetic affair, and today was no exception. There were many, many small children and parents/grandparents/carers, and a whole kinder class. Michele, the children’s librarian was living her inner performer and jumped and swung and dingled and sang and more!

Afterwards, the children made their own Phoebe crests and could be spotted flaunting their gorgeousness all over town. Of course the whole point of the story is that gorgeousness is inside, not outside, and is different for everyone.

But a little bit of bling never hurt anyone!