I had lunch with my cousin yesterday, at her house. Delightful as that was, it was not the whole reason for being there. She’s sorting out things and one of those ‘things’ was a suitcase full of lace. Lace that mostly came from our grandmother. There were bits from her mother, my aunt, and her paternal grandmother, but mostly it was from Nana.

Nana made lingerie, amongst other things. When she came to Australia as a warbride after WW1, there wasn’t much money around. Then came the depression. Nana may have brought some of the lace with her, but other bits she bought here, or salvaged from other garments. There is ‘used’ or ‘recycled’ lace and some new lace. There are bits of lace that would have been inserted into linen or cotton fabric as tray cloths, or table cloths.

We went through bag after bag, exclaiming and trying to explain to my cousin’s daughter (my first cousin once removed?) just why this was such a special collection. There was bobbin lace, Brussels lace, crochet lace and more.

Here are a few samples …

But wait – there’s more

There was a pair of half-sewn brown leather gloves, some soft, soft rich-butter chamois, and these two patterns, should a pair of day gloves or men’s gloves be required.

The ranunculi are in my lounge room. They are bright and messy and gorgeous.