It may seem that I’ve been very quiet lately and I guess in some ways that’s true. But it sure doesn’t feel like it! There’s been plenty going on. I’ve just sent back the edits on my next Walker picture book and been contributing to teacher notes for Carrum Sailing Club, ill Christina Booth, pub Windy Hollow Books due out September I think.

I’ve started a complete rewrite on a novel, sent off a picture book, started work on a fiction/nonfiction cross picture book. I’ve had blog visitors and negotiated school visits.

What I’ve not done, is taken many photos. And there were opportunities. Last week, I attended Edel Wignell and Mark Jackson’s launch of ‘Bilby Secrets’ (Walker Books Australia), volunteered at the State Library for a bookmaking session for children, listened to my son propose and debate bills in Youth Parliament in Parliament House, and attended family night at the Police Academy with another son.

And last night, I attended the opening of ‘A Show of Hands’ an exhibition of paintings and their stories at Chapel off Chapel in Prahan. Artist and illustrator Jacqui Grantford has produced a wonderful collection of ‘hands’ featuring well known and less well known Australians. Each painting is accompanied by a story, detailing the life of the subject. It was a wonderful event, partly because of Jacqui’s wonderful work, but also because there was quite a collection of people from the book world and a wonderful catchup was had.

So I might be quiet, but I’m not sitting still.
And I will soon post photos. Not sure yet what they’ll be …