We launched ‘The Carrum Sailing Club’ at the Sun Bookshop today. What a hoot! Thank you everyone who came and those who sent their wishes. It was lovely that illustrator Christina Booth could fly in from Launceston. 
Dee White launched Carrum Sailing Club for me, saying lovely things. 

Christina talked about the illustration process.

 Steve, the immediate past commodore of the real Carrum Sailing Club!

 My delightful niece Jane, and her lovely boyfriend Jake provided beachy music, including Rock Lobster and Yellow Submarine!

 I did a second reading, allowing for audience participation. There was stomping, twirling and grape-popping.

 An ‘original’ from the book, soon to be on my wall. Thanks Christina!

There was a sailboat cake…

…and a ceremonial flinging in the air of ‘starburst jellyfish’ to pronounce The Carrum Sailing Club officially launched!