Yesterday I went to Carrum, to the real Carrum Sailing Club to be part of the official launch of the new sailing season.

There was no sailing yesterday, a tad windy, and as the sky shows, rain was expected.

So we made inside boats.

And hats.

And read books.

Helen is the current Commodore of the club and made me and Kerry very welcome.
This is the sign that gave me the title. The story followed some time later. 

This could be the family from the book.

And this is Patterson River, slightly larger than the green troll bridge in the book.

This was my first trip back to Carrum after seeing the sign several years ago. What’s amazing to me, is that although I took the title, I didn’t look closely at the beach or surrounds. Nor did Christina. Yet the beach, the surrounds, even the people on the beach, are just as they are. Magic!