I’d been faffing around at home, not knowing what to do with a suddenly empty house and some hours to fill. So when my son needed to go to a meeting, I thought I’d take him and wait and work. And although I played with camera, I did also have my laptop and got the words flowing. Love the ocean. Don’t even have to be looking at it for the magic to work!

 A Pacific Gull, I think. Much larger than those at the base of this pole.

We get all sizes and type of boats, sometimes all at once. Listen out though, if you hear a big big boat honk 5 slow honks, it means ‘Your intentions are unclear’ which probably means a little, little boat is way too close. Don’t look at me like that, just ask my husband how big these container ships are from close up!

These look like little doors. 

I was just playing. Seeing how close I could go without a true macro lens. Can you guess what this or the following two are?