I braved the Bendigo train again yesterday despite my previous, signal-failed, snail-paced, capewearing-denying, launch-missing last attempt.

And it was delightful. Lovely to sit in leisure with Jude Rossell.

We were on our way to Catholic Ladies College in Bendigo for a mini writers’ festival. A small festival of writers’ you understand, not a festival for mini writers, although there were plenty of student writers present. Paul Collins of Ford St Publishing had organised the festival, bringing together students from twelve schools and about 20 or so writers and illustrators. Each of us conducted three workshops, with students from Year 4 through to Year10, sometimes in the same session. Great fun. Being with the students is always good fun, and keeps me on my toes.

And on my return, I found this review of ‘There Was an Old Sailor’.

A good day.

On Thursday, I moderated a panel of writers talking about crime and their writing. It featured Carolyn Morwood, Kerry Greenwood, Nick Gadd and Dr Angus Curry. Photos coming.