Corinne Fenton launched the paperback edition of her gorgeous book, Queenie One Elephant’s Story, today at the zoo.

In the audience were people who’d been part of Queenie’s story, those who helped Corinne bring this story to a new generation, family and friends. And more than a few passersby.

Corinne spoke about Queenie, and many of the people who remember her.

Then it was time to cut this amazing cake. And yes, it was as good in the eating as it looks.

Channel 9 were on hand to record the moment.

Then it was off to visit some of the zoo’s current elephants, young and not so.

And a few of the other residents.

A contemplative moment for an orangutan mother, while Junior swings about the place.

Dropping by for an ice snack.

And Dad wants to know what’s going on inside.

This wrasse kept falling off its resting spot. So much so that we became a little concerned. Then we read the sign that said that this is normal resting behaviour for this species. Hmm. Can’t be all that restful if you have to keep waking up and propping yourself up again!


And this gorgeous boy? Posing for us, I suspect. 

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