This gum and blossom was in the main street of Rainbow. The leaves are more than 30 cm long and the gum nut is about the size of a 50 cent piece.

It’s been a productive few weeks, but very busy. But there was a reminder for me today to take time out and smell – or rather trim – the roses. Oh okay, it was grass weeding and pulling out a dead hibiscus, but you get the drift. It was gorgeous to be out in the sun, getting hands dirty and seeing immediate reward for effort. We also trimmed the dangling bits of the fruit-laden lemon tree, so if anyone wants lemons …

Then I called in to see my niece for a cuppa and there she and her boyfriend were, sipping tea, nibbling pear and cheese at a table set on the front lawn, and playing Scrabble.

What a delightful way to enjoy a day!