I started the new financial year at a run. Actually I started a couple of days early, but who’s counting? First there was the SCBWI conference in Sydney, then Newcastle for a few days. Back home for three nights then Catriona Hoy and I were off to Tasmania to present at two conferences and University of Tasmania, before the Tasmanian launch of ‘The Little Dinosaur’. Home again for two nights (actually only about 1 1/2 coz it was a really early start Monday) then off to Canberra yesterday for a day trip.
Phew! Glad to be home again but each of those outings was productive, informative and above all, fun.
Here are some pics …

well … um … there WILL be some pics as soon as my son gets home. He’s built me a fabulous new computer and it’s super-fast and super-fantastic. It’s just that some things are different and I’m not quite sure how to resize pics for posting.

Until then, there’s just this one … Catriona and I en route to Burnie