I sing in a local community choir. It’s great fun and it’s been a fun way to meet more locals (and to learn new things like making sour dough bread, but that’s another story). This past week we had the opportunity to record our work in a professional studio. Very exciting. We travelled in convoy to the studio and piled into the room, ready to warm up and sing. We were all trying not to notice all the microphones and working out how to respond to the very ‘dead’ sound of a studio. Warm ups began and then we were ready.

Well, most of us were. My voice vanished. During the day, my voice had deepened a tone or two, but that was it. There was no sign I would lose it. But lose it I did. Between one warm up and the next. So my contribution to the recording was to observe and to press the ‘record’ button when signalled to do so. Down side: I didn’t get to sing. Up side: I was able to hear the entire choir from an audience’s perspective. And I was able to take this panoramic pic of everyone getting set.
I guess there’s never a convenient time to get laryngitis, but this felt quite dramatic. Almost poetically so. And they say fiction is far-fetched!
The recording went well although I don’t think any of us are considering auditioning for any of the telly singing shows.

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