Sunday was a busy day. We shot down to Ocean Grove to visit some new parents and their gorgeous son, then back to Melbourne, hopefully to be in time for the launch of Jackie Kerin’s new picture book, ‘Lyrebird: A True Story’. We had two reasons to be there. The first was to help Jackie celebrate the release of this beautiful and informative book. The second was to sing with our choir ‘Carol of the Birds’, an Australian Christmas carol. We made it by the skin of our teeth as the MC was inviting applause for a singer/guitarist performance. His next words invited the choir to the stage. And we rocked it! Not bad without warm up or practice.

Here’s Jackie with ‘Lyrebird’ and wearing a dress specially made and painted for the occasion. Stunning! The story tells of Edith a flower grower in the Dandenongs and a lyrebird she called James. Her well-honed words are complemented by fantastic illustrations by Peter Gouldthorpe. ‘Lyrebird’ is published by the Museum Victoria. For more info visit Jackie’s website.

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