Any idea what derm-pav is? 

Nor had I, until today. 

We went on a train trip. A Diesel Electric Rail Motor – Preservation Association Victoria train trip. 

It began in Newport and travelled through the western suburbs freight lines, returning us to Newport about an hour later. The engine/carriage was built in 1925 and had those iconic luggage racks that today adorn bathrooms. The windows opened high so you could stick your head out to look – or take photos – or have your face whipped by close-growing bushes.

Our trip was peopled by train-enthusiasts, multi-generational families and a smattering of couples.

It was a journey to so many places, so many times, so many people. 

Even the rock-holes-through-reinforced-glass looked like something other. Like spider webs perhaps. 
I took many photos, saw unfamiliar views of familiar places, overheard some fascinating conversations.  A slice of life
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