A friend was in town for a medical appointment so I met her and drove her home to the country. She and her family moved here about 15 years ago and have transformed a fairly ordinary home and garden into a welcoming family home. And I do mean welcoming. At any given time, there will be extras staying there, for days or months. Meals are always expandable depending on who turns up. Some even take away their tucker (that happened last night). 

I stayed in son one’s bedroom. He stripped the sheets on the way to his part time job in Melbourne. Lucky for me it was a working day for him. 

Two more of their children were there after work and training, and two English cousins were staying.
We washed and ironed panels for a quilt that will be laid out today. I had no phone or internet coverage (although was part of a ‘discussion’ between my friend and her children about the low level of the home coverage). 
It is entirely coincidental that no one was home at my house – even the dog was having a sleepover. I arrived home this morning to an empty house and a space where there used to be a side fence. Was happy to miss the actual deconstruction. 
Now, where can I go to miss the construction tomorrow? 
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