Recently I was asked to contribute answers to some questions about writing for another blog. Not much very unusual about that. What was unusual was that the request was that these answers be hand-written.


I have one friend who lives interstate and we do have a hand-written correspondence, in addition to our email and sometimes text ones. We also use the phone. But that’s about the only occasion that I write more than short paragraphs by hand.

I do freewrite sometimes but there’s no audience for that except me, and given the grammar and spelling of those exercises it’s probably just as well.

Practice makes perfect, so it’s said. And it’s true that practice made my handwriting more legible. But lack of practice and the lack of an audience and therefore the need to be understood by anyone but me have meant my handwriting is somewhat less than it was.

But it was a lovely organic thing to do. I didn’t write a rough copy and then copy it nicely. There’s something delightful about the flow of words produced both literally and because I was using my favourite fountain pen.

So thank you to Rebecca of Thirteen Red Shoes. The questions and answers (and much more besides) are here