On Thursday, I travelled to Flowerdale with Diana Lawrenson and Marjory Gardner for our fifth annual Literature Festival. Mark Wilson and Corinne Fenton were also there.

Each year we visit either Flowerdale or Buxton to present this festival. Schools are bussed in from other schools.

This year, I introduced ‘Emu’ to three groups: Prep/1/2; Gr 2/3; and Gr 5/6. The Gr 5/6 made a chicke/egg combo … an egg that becomes a chicken and then folds down to become an egg again. (A new take on the ‘What came first?’ conundrum?)

The younger grades decorated eggs. As you see here.

 Abby provided camouflage for her eggs.

Love the colour theme here.

These eggs contain a chicken and an emu chick

Great images from a simple outline.