On Saturday, courtesy of my lovely family, I attended a breadmaking workshop at the Convent in Abbotsford.

There were 12 in the class, led by baker Ian.
We made scones, pizza base, sourdough bread and bread rolls. We ate some of our produce for morning tea and lunch and took the rest home to feed the starving thousands.
Although I have been making sourdough bread for some years, I learned so much about when to use a light touch, and how and when to use kneading to make bread better.
Now I’m itching to see if I can reproduce the results at home. I just have to empty the benches of this lot.
Scone anyone?

No button pushing, dial twisting for us. Everything was cooked in this century-old wood fired oven.

This is sourdough.

And for those who had mastered the simple shapes (ie Ian the baker) there was a crocodile, complete with eerie red eyes and red capsicum snack.

The oven was about 2 metres or more deep. Everything was put in and pulled out using one of those ridiculously long paddles.

Hard to believe just how big the oven was, when the door was only about 60 x 40 cm ish.

Cooked sourdough. Yum! There would have been pictures of the pizza and the breadrolls too, if I hadn’t been so busy eating … 🙂