Books in Homes – storytelling and presentationsBooks in Homes bags of books and resources 2015

A few weeks ago, I was at an inner Melbourne school presenting books as part of the Books in Homes program. The program gives books to children who may have few books in their own homes.

Children and Claire Saxby, Books in home program

But first there was time to introduce them to ‘There Was an Old Sailor’. In this I was ably assisted by two students: a sailor-feeder and a page-turner Captain.


Telling a story at Books in Homes day August 2015

It was hilarious.


Books in homes Fitzroy 2015


Claire Saxby giving Books in home package at Fitzroy primary schoolThen it was time for the main event: handing out the bags.




Girl reading her new book Books in home program 2015


The students were allowed to look into their bags, but it was suggested they not pull the books out until they got home.
Some didn’t make it quite that far.