1. If you leave the road to find the signmarked lookout, that carpark just off the main road, is probably connected to the lookout. 

But look what you can find if you keep on driving. And driving.

2. Old trees can make the most law-abiding person ignore the fence. (It was down, the fence was down).
And the view from the top …

Valley of a thousand hills seems to have at least that many. They ripple the horizon like a barnacled beach rock.

Shot gun shot, up close. This sign would suggest recent seismic activity …

3. Kayaks sitting on the bank of a lake may have seat-wetting holes in them. But the water is warmish, until the sun starts dropping. By then, the lake has been circumnavigated a few times.
Further warmth can be assured by playing tennis.
Extra note: That small spider in the equipment box? Yup, it’s a redback.