My daugher-in-law is currently doing a placement at Keilor Downs kinder. She has based one of her projects around ‘Carrum Sailing Club’ and asked me to come and read the book. She’d prepared ‘stations’ outside based on each opening (eg scrunching on sand, hiding behind bathing boxes)
At each ‘station’, I’d read a page and the children would act it out (eg tiptoe, tiptoe BOO! at the bathing boxes)
 At the end of the story, we ‘fly away home’. 
Rach had made ‘seagulls and hung them from a tree (flap, flap, twirl). You can see one in the top right of this pic. The children had been fascinated by their construction but they found them a little complicated to make themselves, so I offered to show them how to make two simpler types of boats.
This girl sat by me and followed my movements as I made a boat. When we were done, she wanted to make another one so she followed me again. Then she made a third. Then, she instructed another girl in making her own! Amazing.
We made many boats, in many colours and two different styles. Some worked best sitting on the table.

 Others needed to be sailed.

Two wonderful mornings with inspiring and aspiring teachers, engaged and enthusiastic children in an environment rich in stimulus and opportunity for child-led learning. Thanks to Rach and Louise for letting me be part of it.